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Native American Activism in Chicago, 1893-1934

Rosalyn LaPier

Rosalyn LaPierRosalyn R. LaPier (Blackfeet/Métis) is an Indigenous writer, ethnobotanist, and environmental historian. In her writing and public speaking she blends traditional ecological knowledge learned from elders with academic research. Her third book project “Plants That Purify: The Natural and Supernatural History of Smudging,” explores Blackfeet concepts of purity, purification and traditional ecological knowledge. She is currently a Research Associate with the Women’s Studies in Religion Program at the Harvard Divinity School.

Rosalyn serves on the editorial board for Montana, The Magazine of Western History and the board of the National Coalition of Native American Language Schools and Programs. She is the founder of Saokio Heritage, a community based organization, created by Native women interested in preserving the histories, languages, and traditional knowledge of Native peoples of the northern Great Plains.  She is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe in Montana and also Red River Métis.


Book Award

Winner of the 2016 Robert G. Ahearn Book Award from the Western History Association.

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